Fri May 03 2019


No Japanese IME in this fresh PC.

Recent Internet sucks. They looks in some festival. Not only internet, when I’m walking streets, i can find flags which say "Congrats! R*IWA!!" Hhhh… What they celebrates? The new Emperor??? You belive in the Emperor’s godness??? That is a Japanese (nasty) religion, i think.

Ofcouce i know, they don’t believe or celebrate the new emperor and the new era, in fact. They just wanna be excited. Also that fact disappointed me. For them, Japanese Emperor system is just an oppotunity to drink!!

I watched a democracy activity by Hantenren. I don’t agree them exactly… But I feeled I have been saved. I can see some people insist on the duty of Showa Emperor and some people screming that the people who dislike the Emperor are not Japanese. Yes, all they are Japanese. That scene make me excited.

BTW, i like UNIX time rather than Seireki calendar.